‘Want KLES to run 500 institutions’


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‘Want KLES to run 500 institutions’ Kle society's chairman, Prabhakar Kore, was felicitated by Kle Hubballi Schoolcolleges to mark his 75th year of birth. Kore shared the credit of running the society successfully for about 40 years as chairman with Kle students employees and people "currently we have about 300 institutions under Kle society and we aim to make it 500 institutions in the next 20 years." Kle society has served 56 lakh patients with advanced medical facilities in the last 26 years, 40% of which are in rural areas of the state. Kle society hosted the first ever state assembly session outside Bengaluru in Belagavi today. Kle society is educating 148 lakh students by 18000 staff in India and abroad.