HDMC decides to penalise those spitting in public places


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HDMC decides to penalise those spitting in public places The Hubballi Municipal Corporation has decided to implement a fine on those who spit in public places. The fine will be according to rules prescribed by the government. The HDMC commissioner said, "We have come across many complaints from several people and organisations in the last few months that spitting in public places has been on without fear of action. It has also come to our notice during inspection that many shops and commercial complexes in Hubballi and Dharwad are not adhering to norms issued by the civic authorities to maintain cleanliness on their premises by keeping dustbins." The HDMC is hiring four vehicles and deploying staff to keep an eye on people spitting in public places and is keeping tabs on shops and commercial complexes that are throwing trash on the road without using dustbins. The HDMC commissioner said, "Of the four vehicles, three will be put in service in Hubballi and one in Dharwad each patrol vehicle which is being designed on the line of Hoysala vehicles will be manned by 12 health inspectors and other staff. The vehicle with all facilities will travel in their designated areas to keep a watch on people who spit in public places and those who are not keeping dustbins and fine on the spot." The HDMC commissioner